[Ended]11/1(SUN)Sisha bar party @ Ikebukuro

global ring cafe

The charter party will be held at Shisha Bar in Ikebukuro (^^ ♪


This is an event for the people who want friends, like parties, and want to try shisha ♬

Those who participate for the first time will be supported by the management side, so let’s enjoy it without hesitation!

If you’ve never smoked shisha, but people who want to try it for the first time are welcome ♬

All-you-can-drink & light meal + all-you-can-throw darts + shisha! (*’Ω’ *)
Please feel free to join us after inviting your friends (^^ ♪


・Venue:Sisha&Karaoke bar BRANCH
Map URL:https://goo.gl/maps/ySm238SDBWPuuYkY7

(Without pre reservation of Official LINE・Facebook, plus¥500)
 ※Let us see the reservation.
 ※Check your temperature, and alcohol disinfeciton, please.
 ※Don’t cancel on the day. Give us 100% cancel fee.
※If you take ‘annoying bahavior’, tell it to the staffs.



Official LINE: Write “①11/1, ②Name or HN, ③Sex” and message!

Facebook: Push the ‘going’ buttton!



◎What is the operation group EN-teras?
With “shine on the relationships” as our theme we do International exchanges, pop-culture and meet up related events
URL: http://en-teras.com


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