【Now 40 people!】5th Dec (Sat) Anime Song DJ Party! @Ikebukuro

We will hold the anime song DJ party at the Ikebukuro(^ ^ ♪


For those of you  who want to be friends with people that like Animes, for those of you who like parties, and for those of you who want to try cosplaying for the very first time this will be the event for you!

As for people who are joining this as your first ever Anime DJ event and has never cosplayed before, our staff will be there to help and support you so don’t worry and come and join us for the fun!

We will have Photographers there so even if you are coming solo we will help you record your spectacular time over there!

The event is held during the day so please come and join us and relax as Corona is taken into consideration as well.

We also have a Fortune Telling corner and a Shisha corner for you to try out!

If you came in a cosplay, we will have a FREE drink for you!
Please do not hesitate to bring your friends to join us!


◎ Details
· Date: 12/5 (Saturday) 12:00 ~ 18:00
· Venue: Ikebukuro party space NaNaiRo (Heiwa Building 3F, Ikebukuro 64-11, 2 Chome, Toshima – ku, Tokyo)
Map URL: https://goo.gl/maps/KaFqmnpsNJ2hMkkh9


Cosplayer ¥2,500 (TwiPla, Facebook, Meetup pre-registration included: ¥2,000)
Non cosplayer ¥3,000 (TwiPla, Facebook, Meetup pre-registration included: ¥2,500)
*Please show me the screen at the reception♬
`Doe to Corona, we will be carrying out temperature measurements and alcohol disinfections at the entrance before you come in.
*We have a changing room prepared for female cosplayers so that you can get ready before you join us at the party area.



Official LINE: Write “①12/5, ②Name or HN, ③Sex, ④Cosplay or not” and message!





◎ What is the management group EN-teras? :
We will host various events such as international exchange · geek, exchange meeting, with the theme of “shine on the relationships” ♬
URL: http://en-teras.com

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