【Ended】16th Jun (Sun) Cosplay Photography Party! @Ikebukuro

We will hold the cosplay photography party at the Ikebukuro cosplay photo studio (^ ^ ♪


Since there is the event photographer, solo participation is also welcome!
Let’s enjoy shooting and talking!
If the people have never done a cosplay yet, but you are also greatly welcome to first make friends ♬


This time will be held on the 16th in June!
Food and drinks are free to bring in. ♬
* We will prepare soft drinks, dishes and cups.

Both the first and after the second times participants can enjoy!
Please do not hesitate to join us with friends (^ ^ ♪

The last time’s digest is this!

Shooting location is this!: https://www.gallery-o6.com/pic.html
The photos taken at the studio is this!: http://urx3.nu/qWOi

◎ Details
· Date: 6/16 (Sunday) 13:00 ~ 18:00
· Venue: La Maison (Ikebukuro A Building 2F, Nishi – Ikebukuro 21-13, 5 Chome, Toshima – ku, Tokyo)
Map URL: https://goo.gl/maps/KaFqmnpsNJ2hMkkh9
Social worker ¥3,500 (TwiPla, Facebook, Meetup pre-registration included: ¥3,000)
Student ¥3,000 (TwiPla, Facebook, Meetup pre-registration included: ¥2,500)

Free food and drinks are free to bring in! (This time, do not bring alcohol in)
Those who applied for Participating on Facebook just 1000 yen discount! Please show me the screen at the reception♬



LINE@: Write “①6/16, ②Name or HN, ③Sex, ④Cosplay or not, ⑤Worker or Student” and message!





◎ What is the management group EN-teras? :
We will host various events such as international exchange · geek, exchange meeting, with the theme of “shine on the relationships” ♬
URL: http://en-teras.com

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