[10th Aug!]Dart throwing unlimited! Mitsuke-Kai! @Kanda

~Guidance of Mitsuke-kai~


This party started from 1 year ago♬

If the people have never done darts yet, but you are also greatly welcome to first make friends ♬

The last time’s digest is this!


Date: 10th August 18:00~21:00
Enter 17:50
Start 18:00
Venue: Delta Kanda

1 min walk from the west exit of Kanda station

Free drink!
Most free eating!
Free playing darts!
¥3,500 per 1 person!

Drinking, making friends, playing darts!
The game of  ‘papers, stones and scissors’ and darts tournament!
Look forward to it!

Let’s have fun together!😁
Message us if you want to come!🤗



LINE@: Write “①8/10, ②name of HN, ③sex” and send the message.

Facebook: Push the ‘going’ button.

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