【Ended】29th Jun (Sat) International Night Picnic @Yoyogi

*By the heavy rain, this month’s international party’s time&venue is changed!


We will hold the international party at Ginza 300 bar, same of this January to March!


The last time digest is this!


◎Time:6/29(Sat) 15:30~18:00

◎Venue:GINZA 300 BAR 8-Chome (3-8 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo Bldg. B1)

◎Entry fee:
Pre-registration 1000 ¥ (LINE @ · Facebook · Meetup・Peatix)1500 ¥ if not pre-registered
※Please show us the application screen at the reception desk
※And please buy a ticket before you participate in the party.


【How to apply this event】
You can apply from the other SNSs.
Facebook: Just push the ‘going’ button!

LINE@: Write “①5/26, ②Name or HN, ③Sex” and message!




〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜The following event detail is the one before we changed〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜


International Picnic!


The event for those who like talking about around the world!!

If you really enjoy meeting new Japanese or people from all over the world in Tokyo, here is the place!

Encountering new people can change your life dramatically. They bring us interest or exciting things we haven’t known before. The more you’re connecting with people from around the world, the more your world spread out. It enables us to sail for new world!

The last time’s digest is this!


For those of you…
Loves traveling!
Loves people, culture, town and nature all over the world!
Wants to go traveling!
Wants to find friends for talking about world things!
Are part of some global business or wants to be part of it!
Studying Japanese or want to learn Japanese!
Are from overseas!


29th Jun on Saturday

【Event timeline】
18:00 Event begins
20:45 Taking pictures & Closing
21:00 Event end

Yoyogi Park (the meeting location is the following point)

※ when it rains. The venue might be changed!


【Meeting point】


【Participation fee】
Pre-registration ¥500
¥1,000 if not pre-registered

※We serve soft drinks and snacks!
※You can bring alcohol drinks & foods if you want.


【How to apply this event】
Facebook: Just push the ‘going’ button!

LINE@: Write “①5/26, ②Name or HN, ③Sex” and message!





◎What is the operation group EN-teras?
With “shine on the relationships” as our theme we do International exchanges, pop-culture and meet up related events
URL: http://en-teras.com

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