【Finished】14th Jan (Monday) Cosplay Photography New Year’s Party! @Ikebukuro

We will hold the cosplay photography party at the Ikebukuro cosplay photo studio (^ ^ ♪


Since there is the event photographer, solo participation is also welcome!
Let’s enjoy shooting and talking!
If the people have never done a cosplay yet, but you are also greatly welcome to first make friends ♬


This time will be held on the 14th of January!
Food and drinks are free to bring in. ♬
* We will prepare soft drinks, dishes and cups.


Please do not hesitate to join us (^ ^ ♪

Shooting location is this!: http://www.studio-barbie.jp/05/photo.html
The photos taken at the studio is this!: http://urx.red/OUen


◎ Details
· Date: 1/14 (Monday · Public Holiday) 13: 30 ~ 18: 30
· Venue: Ikebukuro MYSTYLE 1st & 2nd (2 – chome Minami – Ikebukuro 2-1 Chome, Toshima – ku, Tokyo 2F)
Map URL: https://goo.gl/maps/NLeytmuqrGq
Social worker 4500 ¥ (TwiPla · Facebook pre-registration included: 3500 ¥)
Student 3500 ¥ (TwiPla · Facebook pre-registration included: 2500 ¥)

Free food and drinks are free to bring in!
Those who applied for Participating on Facebook just 1000 yen discount! Please show me the screen at the reception♬








◎ What is the management group EN-teras? :
We will host various events such as international exchange · geek, exchange meeting, with the theme of “shine on the relationships” ♬
URL: http://en-teras.com

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