【END】18th Nov Hot pot party@Yotsuya

Our fifth party will be the hot pot cooking party 🍳
For this month we will have 3 different kinds of hot pot, dumplings and wonton for you🍲
You will be divided into 3 groups and you will cook with everyone from there!
Let’s cook together, make new friends and enjoy the pots together!😊
The content of the pot will be a original made by a former cook who came up with. 👨🍳
The contents of the pot are a follows♪
· Tomato tomato seaweed chili ~ tomato risotto ~
· Oyster mortar pot
· Mushrooms with plenty of sweetness
In addition, you can take the recipe home🌟
You can also bring friends home and enjoy a pot party again.
After the pot, we have also prepare a bar counter so you can choose whichever drink🍻
We are certain that after you become friends, you will be drinking together♪
Most of the people involved are in their 20s to 30s! I am looking forward to meeting you!
We are waiting for any kind of participations from anyone.
If you are participating with friends, it’ll be 500 yen off for yourself and your friends♪


◎ Date and time
November 18, 2018 19: 00-22: 00
18:45 open
19:00 toast!
21:30 the last order
22:00 end
Rental kitchen space
〒 160 – 0004
Yotsuya 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 17, MEISTER Yotsuya 1F
Men 5000 yen
Women 4000 yen
Remember, if you bring your friends it’ll be 500 yen off for you and each your friends!

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