【Ended】29th Sep the chef party @Akihabara

The place was changed!!!


Moonlight Knight BBQ IN Shinkiba, but due to the recent activation of the autumn rain front, the possibility of rain on the day is high, so we will change the content!!

We moved the place to Akihabara with good access.

Also, after the moon viewing, we would like to change to a party with delicious drink and eating Japanese food! !

We’re very sorry for those who were looking forward to BBQ.

The party to drink while eating Japanese cuisine, was made by the former famous hotel’s chef, Kazu,
He sprinkles their arms and cooks as well.
Also we will make drink at the bar counter again this time!

If you change your mind by to a drinking party from BBQ, please reply!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all

18:00~21:00(Sat) on 20th Sep
Available from 17:50

Akihabara rental place
Nomura third building 5th floor, 2-19-23 Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Men 5000yen
Women 4000yen
The price is at the time of the reservation.
※If you reserve a week before the actual day of the event you can get a 500¥ discount!


Push the going button!

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